I empower you to envision your goals, create a plan, and succeed by any means necessary.

  • At the age of 25, she decided that the mediocrity was enough. She packed up her clothes, some family heirlooms, some precious belongings into her car and made the 12-hour trip to Chicago from Mississippi. That was 17 years ago.

Since making that trip, she's never looked back. Throughout her journey in the Windy City, she has stumbled many times: multiple job losses, many failed relationships, multiple bankruptcies, medical issues, and near foreclosure. But God had more in store for her.

Yasha is now the proud owner of 5 businesses and has recently completed a Master of Computer Science degree with a 3.6 GPA from Saint Xavier University. She ranks in the upper 5% of African-American women who hold the MBA/MCS dual degree in the United States and is the 2nd African-American woman to complete the program at the university. She will begin her doctoral studies in January 2020.

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She's always been a dreamer...

Where many see technology as a challenge, Yasha views each dilemma she's presented with as an opportunity to ultimately help companies generate revenue. For the last 19 years, she has built a reputation for being able to recognize challenges in marketing and technology and has proven to be skilled in discovering a myriad of ways to solve them with innovative techniques. Throughout her career, she has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies, helping to establish strategies and processes.

Yasha is a budding author, coach, consultant, and speaker. She also is the proud owner of 5 businesses, Yasha Sterling Marketing Agency, Surely Shaped (a health/wellness company), BrainBomb Tees (an t-shirt company), Sterling Style (an online apparel/shoes/accessories store), and her latest venture, BizMePlease! (a consultancy for entrepreneurs). In 2016, she received a Values in Action award for her work on Anthem's Reimagine website. In 2015, she won two of Panduit's coveted Bravo! awards for Technical Expertise and Quality for her work on the company's Knowledge Center microsite and its Quick Build Harness Board System landing page, respectively. Between 2011 and 2013, she and her respective teams won awards in email marketing and website design from various associations and publications. Moreover, she has single-handedly led the design and development of 35 small business websites, increasing each of their client bases by at least 20%. Her unwavering passion for innovative technology has led to multiple speaking engagements and consulting opportunities.

Yasha holds a bachelor's degree in English from Jackson State University and a M.B.A. in Marketing and E-Commerce and a Master of Arts in Applied Computer Science, both from Saint Xavier University. She also has certifications in Business/Entrepreneurship, Goal Success, and Workshop Facilitation. In January 2020, she will begin her doctoral studies in Business Administration at Northcentral University.

Yasha hopes to bring a voice to women, especially African-American women, who are underrepresented in technology. She hopes to use her education and expertise to bridge known gaps and encourage young women to establish themselves as powerhouses in the industry. If doors have to be kicked down to this, so be it!

Fueled by her passion of motivating and empowering others, she hopes to inspire others and look for the power from within to have their best life.

Here's what email service provider Constant Contact had to say about Yasha's speaking abilities:

"Great work Yasha! You did a great job leading the conversation and answering questions confidently. I am excited for you to start speaking on behalf of Constant Contact."

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Improve your business and/or technology skills by learning techniques that will help you implement a new idea, create a marketing plan, develop your first website and more!
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Workshop Facilitation


Become inspired to do more. Learn more about your craft. Walk away with information that you can implement immediately.
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Business Management

Workshop Facilitation

We align the strategy, process and people of an organization to ensure the highest level of value realization for your company through a mix of years of business experience, technology expertise, and our 6D change model.
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Award-winning website creator

• August 2019 – Web Guru Award
• November 2016 – Values in Action award
• September 2015 – Bravo! Award for Technical Expertise
• October 2015 – Bravo! Award for Quality
•  2011 and 2013 – Won awards in email marketing and website design from various associations and publications

Note: Website design/development is one of the services available through Yasha's agency
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Yasha Sterling Management Agency

Coaching Programs

While our programs are standalone, they can easily be combined, depending on the challenges you're facing, the skills your team currently has, and the impact you want to make in your organization.


  • Entrepreneurship

  • Marketing

  • Business Writing

  • Process Improvement


  • Technical Writing

  • Computing


  • Goal-setting

  • Allow your success

  • Confidence


  • Introduction to Technology

  • Introduction to Computers

Speaking Topics

These can be presented in a workshop, corporate event, multi-speaker conference, or virtual event format.

    • Strategy
      • BizMePlease: Launch Your Business in 6 Weeks
    • Theory & Application
      • Dropshipping: Learn the Process of Starting a Business with Zero Inventory
Software Development Lifecycle: Methodology & Application

Software Development Lifecycle: Methodology & Application

In this book, Sterling takes a closer look at the software development lifecyle and uses each stage to build a simple, yet practical application. Ideal for beginning or intermediate web developers, the book is sure to give the user takeaways that they can immediately start using in their own company.

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The Evolution of Empowerment

The Evolution of Empowerment

How do you bounce back from the constant blows that life throws at you? You develop a tough skin--one that will allow you to grow stronger with each jab. Sterling's sure-fire method to overcoming adversity and growing into empowerment is a path that you must take!


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